Need to cancel a subscription?

To request a subscription cancellation, please send an email from your Registered Swimfluence Email Address to our customer support email address,, and a member of our support team will reach out to assist you. Please note that subscription cancellation requests sent from any source other than your Registered Swimfluence Email Address will be invalid. Please also be sure to fully read and respond to all messages sent by our support team in regards to your request in order to confirm your cancellation.

In order to avoid unwanted billings, subscriptions must be cancelled prior to your next billing cycle. If a request for cancellation is received after a billing has taken place, even if it is only a few moments after billing, it will apply to your next billing cycle. You may view exactly when your next scheduled billing will be at anytime via your Customer Login.

For example, if you do not wish to receive The March 2018 Swimfluence Box, your subscription must be cancelled prior to billing for The March Swimfluence Box which takes place in late February.

***Please Note***
Some promotions offered through Swimfluence may have minimum subscription length policies. In the case that they do, it will be clearly denoted in the promotion's terms and conditions and will be required to be fulfilled before completing the cancellation request. 

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